Bloomscape is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand that sends houseplants straight to your door, everything from low-light and low maintenance ones like zz plants to finicky fiddle-leaf fig trees. Bottom line, We’ve Responded at Bloomscape brings you an Instagram-worthy plant jungle with the click of a button.

In this email example, the Bloomscape team peppers in lots of beautiful plant photography plus descriptions of plants you might like (“Smaller Twists on Big Time Favorites”), shows off new arrivals, and offers up a helpful “Plant Mom” tip.

Why it works

This Bloomscape email is minimalist but with thoughtful touches. It leads with green and neutral colors while also giving readers the low-down on Iran Phone Number Data different plant types and their stories. What works about Bloomscape’s emails is that they help readers plan their next plant purchase. It’s educational, but also delightful.

Sends about 5 emails per month, so each one is carefully constructed for engagement and retention. This email newsletter example from Canva is a deep dive on all things Facebook for ecommerce, like Facebook Shops, which allow users to shop directly from Facebook.

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Canva knows how much of its audience consists of small ecommerce businesses who make their own marketing materials and need easy templates to make product ads, newsfeed posts, and more for their business.

Why it works

Being a one-stop-shop for knowledge on all things FB means that Canva positions itself as a helpful and timely resource. We’ve Responded at On email sends like these, timing is everything, so make sure to align your newsletter with a recent product launch or press release.

This email content succeeds because it introduces the  B2C Phone List reader to something new (Facebook Shops), offers immediate solutions (Canva templates), and gives you options for even more Facebook content you can create with their tool like posts or IG Stories!

How We’ve Responded at Campaign Monitor

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