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Creative Boom is a UK-based arts and design magazine specifically for creatives, illustrators, and designers. So for their email newsletter, they pair thought-provoking and inspirational article roundups with beautiful imagery — including a sleek header GIF. Apple Privacy Category  Would you trust an arts magazine with an “ugly” or “bad” email newsletter? We wouldn’t, either.

Creative Boom understands exactly who its target audience is, and that they’re artists and creators. It wouldn’t make sense to appeal to designers and illustrators with an all-text newsletter.

Why it works

Instead, Creative Boom leads by example, highlighting artists and creators making cool stuff. Substance and style.

Like other successful newsletters we’ve highlighted in this post, Asana’s example follows a few best practices: it has a primary CTA button to Israel Phone Number Data download their e-book, and the content is themed around something seasonal. In this case, Asana breaks down mid-year goal setting, which is an important rallying call for corporate America and knowledge workers everywhere. Plus, this email includes Asana’s trademark visual style — clean, geometric, almost modernist illustrations galore.

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 Academy of American Poets

It’s simple: when you see this email, you know it’s from Asana. Their visual consistency and branding are huge differentiators. Plus, it feels organized, which is exactly  B2C Phone List what you want from a project management software.

There’s something appealing about the way Asana has the email designed into three simple sections, each clicking through to an ebook or relevant piece of content.Academy of American Poets knows how to keep their content fresh and diverse. Take a look at the example below. Apple Privacy Category  Their newsletter features a list of summer-themed poetry, a feature piece on a judge that will participate in an upcoming competition, and more.

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