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 However, many technology companies and agile teams still advocate new things —— new trends, new technologies, and the introduction of more new functions. No one wants to miss the opportunity to serve customers. Under pressure, it is easy to chase the next new thing as the answer. Many people call this phenomenon “ Shiny Object Syndrome ”(SOS). This happens when product developers and company leaders are distracted by exciting new ideas.

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Current events and industry trends determine what you will build next, even if it is inconsistent new database  with your strategy and goals. Prioritizing the risks of shiny new ideas without in-depth consideration of the wider impact is the real —— functional expansion, complex user experience and waste of resources, etc. In addition, new and exciting things discovered by one person may not match the real needs of your customers or businesses.

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This is why the best product builders take the goal-priority approach when evaluating ideas. You can combine each potential function with the company and product strategy, giving priority to the fit of the product   B2C Phone List  and the market, considering the impact of development, and iterating so that it can provide more value over time. This does not mean that the most popular new technologies or trends have no place in your products.

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