Even if you slightly disagree with the feedback,

If possible, offer the feedback giver a refund for what happened. Could the result of the work be improved afterwards or would a small discount be in order? Such an act shows that you take the feedback seriously, which in turn reinforces a more positive image of your company’s brand. Those following the conversation will see that you genuinely care about your customer.

Correct your mistakes

In your own opinion, you have done your job well, but the customer complains. About the Iran Phone Number List service or product regardless , on the social media scene , on your company’s facebook page. Or in the comment section of your homepage. No matter how bad it is, keep them in your hat for now.  You cannot .Deny your customer’s. Emotional experience of what happened. The best way to move on is to express your apologies and promise .That next time. We will aim for a better outcome. Even if the feedback is negative. Remember to express your thanks for receiving it as well. Because without feedback you will not be able to develop your business. Read more about the basics of social media marketing here.

Let the customer be right

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What should you say to a customer who criticizes your prices as too expensive, but in your own opinion, this B2C Phone List  is not really the case? In social media, comment sections often start from a setting where the opposite party is told back for the first time, even if this is done in a very friendly tone. For this reason, when giving reasons, you should always rely on the line and the facts.

You can, for example, shed light on your business operations by telling which things really affect prices. For example, tell the customer how “the products are made in Finland and the material is first-class wool”. However, don’t start arguing about the correctness of the prices, because it won’t get you far. Your customer has the right to think your prices are too expensive. On the other hand, you can comfort yourself with the thought that he is just one customer among others and hardly belongs to the target group of your business. So leave the factual justifications visible and leave them for others to evaluate. You have done your part at this point.

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