Social media cannot be controlled. Images of your company’s brand are created when you respond to a customer in public and also when you don’t. It’s good to know that not doing something also leaves a mark. So you can’t blame the situation completely on your own hands, but it’s worth looking at it from a few points of view.

If the negative comment is presented in a place that you can manage yourself, leaving it visible tells your customers about your ability to accept feedback at all. This is because you also allow differing opinions to exist, even if you don’t respond to them.

Sometimes entrepreneurs delete all nasty reviews from

Their own social media accounts, but in this case, credibility is at risk of taking a hit. Is a completely  Italy Phone Number List cleaned and polished customer feedback box reliable? Does the entrepreneur try to cover up his mistakes?

Especially not reacting to factual and constructive feedback is a risk. Why not respond to reality with reality when it’s possible?

On the other hand, it is probably most valuable not to respond at all to completely irrelevant and personal feedback. It’s enough for consolation that others also see the unpleasant style of the author of the feedback, so you’ll definitely get sympathy points in this argument.

Is being right worth all the trouble? You should ask yourself this,

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no matter how unfair the feedback seems. You can respond to the feedback factually once, but participating in the follow-up will be an endless quagmire that will also  B2C Phone List take your precious time away from your other business activities. , because tones of voice and eye contact shine in social media conversations by their absence. A long written argument can also drift away from the topic, give rise to new misunderstandings and, in the worst case, take on low-style and aggressive tones. If your skin is thick and you have great professional pride, you can enter the conversation at your own risk. Some entrepreneurs even think that long comment discussions (even negative ones) only bring much-needed visibility to the company’s existence.

We humans interpret written words in different ways

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