Testing is critical to email marketing success. Here are some of our favorite email testing tools to help you get started.The goal of any marketer is to Email Footers Are get the right message to the right person at the right time — but to do that, you first have to consider what might go wrong. Some of the biggest issues that affect open and click-through rates can be tested before you hit “send.” Declining to optimize these aspects of your message hurts the chances of your email even making it to your customers.

Consistent testing is crucial for retaining subscribers and increasing engagement. The good news is, with the right email testing tools, you can automate almost everything you need to know. These tools provide comprehensive testing capabilities for marketing teams of any size with any budget. Make them a part of your workflow to improve your email marketing results.

Domain reputation and security tools

Deliverability measures how likely your messages are to make it to customers in the first place. It’s the first thing you should check because none Poland Phone Number Data of the other tests matter if people don’t see your emails. A low inbox placement percentage isn’t the end of the world, but it means you have some configurations to check and practices to update.

Your messages may be marked as spam based on their content or due to the reputation of your domain and mail server’s IP address. Your Sender Score, which tells you how likely your emails are to be sent to a spam folder, decreases if spam or phishing messages come from one of your domains. Securing your system and then testing your content against spam filters can decrease the likelihood of deliverability issues.

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is a free tool that shares

the numeric score associated with your IP address. The site also offers a baseline to help you understand the results. A Sender Score  B2C Phone List above 80 is fantastic below 70, you’ll want to

free, allows you to view and validate your Domain-based Message, Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) record. Email Footers Are This protocol prevents spammers from spoofing emails from your domain. While you’re at it. Run a free check on your and  records, which are also used by email providers to verify your identity.

Email Footers Are Just One Part of a Great Message

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