Include an Email Preference Link Like Patagonia

Like checkout bonuses, contest entries don’t offer an ongoing benefit, so you’ll have to follow them up with more engaging content to decrease the likelihood people will unsubscribe. Many businesses foster goodwill with every entrant by Include an Email offering some form of consolation prize—like a coupon code—to anyone who doesn’t win.

Make sure you tell entrants they’re opting into future marketing messages when they enter your contest or you’ll be violating the TCPA.

Leverage your existing channels

If you’re adding SMS to your existing marketing mix, it’s important to remember that you’re not starting from scratch. If you have a list of email subscribers, you can Philippines Phone Number Data always reach out to them via email and let them know that they can opt into SMS.

The signup forms on your website are another great place to start gathering SMS subscribers. Making it easy for visitors to opt in to SMS on your signup forms will go a long way in growing your SMS subscriber list quickly.

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*Note: it’s important to

remember that just because someone has opted into your email list doesn’t mean they’ve opted into your SMS list as well. SMS is a separate channel, and you need to get separate permission from each user before you send them an SMS message.

SMS is great for certain marketing efforts, but its limits to message length and reach mean it can’t do everything for you. leads to more effective campaigns. The secret is learning how to use each medium .

Your marketing strategy should always be evolving. Text message marketing gives you one more tool to prompt engagement and collect  B2C Phone List consumer data. Include an Email You can use information gathered from email subscribers to help optimize your SMS marketing messages, and vice-versa. Let us help you link your email and SMS marketing campaigns for better results.

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