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from $15/month, provides ongoing DMARC, SPF, and DKIM monitoring. This tool alerts you to suspicious activity, so you can shut it down before any damage is done.from $19.99/month, also monitors your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records continuously. How Amanda Natividad and prevents spammers from using your domain. The platform also visualizes data rather than sending you raw XML logs.a free service, generates an email address for you to send your message to. Then it analyzes your content and checks your back-end setup for configuration errors.which has a freemium model, analyzes your emails and shares deliverability metrics and benchmarks for your target industry.

is a free, browser-based tool. All you do is paste your email into the text box for a free spam score from SpamAssassin. Postmark also offers a JSON API if you want an easy-to-use SpamAssassin setup that can be integrated into your existing tech stack.

Email list verification tools

Verifying your email lists is a must to keep your emails out of spam folders and your email address off blacklists. High bounce rates and Qatar Phone Number Data low open rates can both tank your sender reputation. Email list decay happens naturally, so email verification and list maintenance is a continual process.Multiple tools offer this service. Though none are free, they charge one credit to check one address, so the cost is proportional to the size of your email list. We checked the price of 5,000 credits across multiple services to find the best budget-friendly email validation options

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Content optimization tools

Your subject line is your first impression, and it may be your only one if it’s not interesting enough to prompt your reader to open the email. Give yourself the best  B2C Phone List chance of winning a customer over by using subject line testing tools to find the optimal word choice and length.

Likewise, the body content of your email has to be engaging, readable, and accessible if you want to convert customers. How Amanda Natividad While you can use OS-level tools like Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader to check how assistive devices interact with your message, it’s much easier to use the following tools for a comprehensive check

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