English it is calle a shoutout In other words, the brand gets together with an Instagram user who has enough active followers and the product/service resonates with a specific user and orders a paid post (can also be an exchange of goods for goods) from him. This is the simplest form of influencer marketing, i.e. marketing your own product or service through influential leaders. Such a marketing channel is no longer surprising and one could say that it has even become a little more difficult. You nee to know your target group very well and through whom to do such marketing. Random protein drinks, slimming teas, watches – everyone has already seen such posts.

The importance of video

You have to carefully choose the right influential leader with whom to bring your target group together. Video and more video Video has been important for many years. In our society, where everyone has small screens in their hands and large screens at phone number list home, has its place. As much as 90% of all content share between users via social meia is video. At the moment, how to win the attention of your target group in 3 seconds. If you are not using video in your marketing yet, you should start doing so now. We’ve seen all the major social meia channels start using video more and more – Facebook, Instagram Twitter Snapchat and more.

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The biggest challenge has become

Ephemeral content is becoming very common B2C Phone List First of all, you must ask, what does ephemeral mean? This means ephemeral content, or content that is create temporarily. Such content will disappear later: liv e-videos (although), Instagram stories, any Snapchat content, etc. Ephemeral content is becoming more and more popular because it has a very high engagement rate (post liking, comment, click, share, etc.). Short-term content gives you the opportunity to be very authentic.

They are occasionally save for later viewing

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