How else would you know where your page

Therefore it would be reasonable (at least once a quarter) to perform an SEO audit of your page every month. The easiest way to do this is with SEMrush. Link to the service! SEMrush helps you quickly find all possible SEO-relate problems, both small and large. The three most important things to watch for: web page spee does your page work the same in every popular web browser is your page mobile friendly enough? If you have a concrete overview of all the SEO problems on your website, you can easily solve them. 5. Keep an eye on your results in search engines.

Always monitor where your chosen

Tracking your results is extremely important. is going and which SEO techniques will be useful for you. search terms appear in Google search results , how database many visits your page receives and from which places references to your page come! This is the minimum you could follow. You can use SEMRuh again, in addition to Ahrefs and MajesticSEO. Get to know Google Analytics and keep an eye on what visitors are doing on your page. For example, how long do they stay on your page? Do you know that? 6. Five mistakes not to make! You could avoid these mistakes in any case Broken links.


Write longer blog posts

Use free online tools to find broken links. Google B2C Phone List doesn’t like broken web pages, just like you don’t like broken socks. Don’t overdo it with keywords! 200-300 words. Aim for posts of 1500-2000 words. Don’t buy link packs! If someone offers you 100+ links on Fiver for $5, nothing good will come of it. Google likes spee. Make your page fast. It’s not that hard to miss.

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