The rules prohibit inappropriate comments and bad behavior

The group actively asks independent entrepreneurs for advice on topics to consider and shares  The rules prohibit inappropriate tips from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Seven and a half thousand members actively discuss in the group, and this is an excellent community for an independent entrepreneur who has just received his Y ID.

In Tmi Yrittäj, topics specifically for independent entrepreneurs come

Up, such as combining work and free time. Finding a bank service or accounting office suitable for a business name. And suitable marketing channels for small-scale business operations. In this community. You can also boldly ask questions that you have thought. About yourself, and the discussion culture is usually. Matter-of-fact and tips are shared in a good spirit.

This group of nearly 60,000 female entrepreneurs unfortunately excludes male entrepreneurs. For whom a similar active community has yet to be found. The group offers .Women entrepreneurs active peer support for the ups and Netherlands Mobile Number List  downs and challenges of entrepreneurship. In this group. It is allowed to advertise. Market and sell your own products and services. Within the limits of moderation and good taste, so in addition to networking. You can also use this group .To tell about your own activities. In addition to recommendations. The discussion on all topics related to entrepreneurship is active.

The members of the group ask for and give recommendations at a

phone number list

Diligent pace, so this is a good channel for female entrepreneurs to bring their own expertise to the fore. In the B2C Phone List addition, the group actively discusses current topics that concern women entrepreneurs in particular. In this group, you can both boldly ask questions about everything related to entrepreneurship and open up a discussion about social issues as well. , so keep a cool head when writing comments, even if the topic raises emotions!

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