• Local groups are suitable for entrepreneurs operating locally
  • Peer support from industry groups from professionals in the same field
  • Recommend your own activity according to the group’s rules!

Do you operate in a certain location? Different localities often have their own entrepreneur groups on social media, especially Facebook, as well as locality, district and bus radio groups. It can also be useful as an entrepreneur to belong to general community groups, as they are often actively followed by a large group of local residents who, in addition to other discussions and topics, are looking for local service providers. Find the groups in your area, follow the discussion, participate actively, making your name known to the locals – and recommend your own company when the opportunity arises!

Local groups of entrepreneurs and communities of different industries

From industry groups, an independent entrepreneur can easily get peer support and advice from  New Zealand Mobile Number List those in his own industry. Especially in an industry that has its own rules and operating methods – for example, the beauty care or construction industry – you can get precise advice and experience from the industry’s own group of entrepreneurs, especially in the nooks and crannies of your industry.

Light entrepreneurship

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  • 2100 members
  • For small entrepreneurs and those considering entrepreneurship
  • A few discussion openings every week, group members actively respond to the openings

Especially if you are a small business owner, you will find a lot of interesting discussion andB2C Phone List   practical tips in this group. In the group. Topics related to light entrepreneurship. Puzzles and their solutions are discussed. And the differences between a company .Name and light entrepreneurship are clarified together. This group is also a good starting. Point for those .Who are just considering entrepreneurship – by following the discussion here. You can get a picture of the everyday .Life of a light entrepreneur and you can also ask about other people’s experiences of light entrepreneurship.

This group is maintained by ukko. Fi. Which means that our experts are also present in the group. Listening to answer questions and considerations . We also regularly distribute useful material and content to the group, for example the publications of our new Entrepreneurship School.

About light entrepreneurship

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