The 5 most important SEO measures for a new small business

Keywords are the core of search engine optimization. Keywords mean the words and phrases that are used to search for your service in web search engine.

For example, you can search for an electrical installation .Service using the terms “Light installation”. “Kitchen renovation electrical work” or “Electrician helsinki”. Think about and list the first words .That would be used to search for your own service.

When coming up with keyword ideas, it is good for small. Entrepreneurs to take into account that big competitors .Have significantly more resources to invest in .Websites and their optimization.

Figure out your keywords

Therefore, it is not necessarily worth trying to place a beauty salon in Tampere at the top of the “beauty salon Tampere” search right away.

A small entrepreneur can get started by thinking about what it would be realistic to aim for Germany Phone Number List  at the top of a more specific search. For example, “beauty salon Hervanta” is already a search term with much less competition. In addition to the location, you can consider what kind of services you specialize in compared to your closest competitors. If there is no one else in your neighborhood who does permanent eyebrow pigmentation, “permanent eyebrow pigmentation Hervanta” is a great key infrastructure to invest in.

After you have listed some keywords, you can still search for

phone number list

words in the search engine itself. Pay particular attention to the suggestions that appear at B2C Phone List  the bottom of the page – these are words and phrases that other people interested in services in your field have searched for. Capture the ideas! You should quickly list keywords and search phrases in the ideation phase for planning the contents of your website. The keyword list can also help later, for example, in ideating topics for a company blog. With keyword analysis, you can find out the search volume of search terms, i.e. how much search engines search for information with certain search terms. In addition, the tools can tell you the degree of difficulty of the search.  If the degree of difficulty is high, it is challenging. Especially for a small operator, to get very high in the search results. Or stay there. For an independent entrepreneur to focus on more specific keywords .With a lower degree of difficulty instead of general search terms.

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