Search engines scan all text found on your site – both visible and hidden, such as image file names. If the name of the image found on your site is IMG_5932, the search engine cannot determine at all what is in the image and what kind of searches it should be shown to.

So it’s worth investing in naming the pictures. Whenever you add a picture to your site, it is good to name it so that the name shows what is roughly in the picture.

In addition, it is good to include a keyword related to the subject of

the image and your company in the name. For example, if you tell about the crisis communication  Greece Phone Number List training you offer to companies on the page and add a picture of one of your training – or a photo bank picture of the training situation – you can name it, for example, like this: henikloston-kriisiveistintavalmennus.jpeg.

Alt texts, i.e. alternative texts that appear if the image does not load for some reason, are of particular interest to search engines. So always remember to fill in the alt field when adding images. Here you can describe what is shown in the picture – a bit like describing. A picture to someone who can’t see it. You should always include relevant keywords in the alt texts. For example the name of the service. That is discussed on the page in question.

When adding images to websites, you should also pay attention to

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their size. You should not upload images to the site in very large sizes, as large image files B2C Phone List  always slow down the page’s loading speed. Long loading times are not to the liking of visitors and search engines. However, you should follow the golden mean when it comes to the size of the images: images compressed too small can look low-quality, which does not give a good image of your company.

External links tell search engines that your site is reliable because others refer to it. No one would link to a bad or unreliable site, would they? This is how Google and other search engines conclude.


Name the images and place keywords in the alt texts

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