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Search-for Have you heard about that experiment with the dogs that started salivating when the bell rang before eating? Okay, sorry. Have you heard about Pavlov’s experiment that, after using a metronome at 100 beats per minute just before feeding some dogs, he found that they began to salivate when they heard it? Hey, better? Well, it turns out that I mention it to you because I realized that, after a season of stress caused by many emergencies (putting out fires, demands from clients, a crisis of a lot of work, etc.), every time I heard the word urgent I the chest burned. Just thinking about something having an upcoming date stressed me out too much.

Think of productivity as an innate

Search-for In fact, when one day I made a list of reasons category email list why I wanted to improve my productivity, the first one I wrote down was “not having to do things in a hurry.” Do you know what really happened? That urgency becomes a more threatening monster than normal and is maximized. That we end up fleeing from the urgency and try to work in a state of tranquility… let’s say a little comfortable . And, of course, we give much less than we could. The consequence of stress is that it forces us to position ourselves in its equally dangerous antagonist: excessive comfort .

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The distractions of a hyper

The “it’s okay not to have it ready today, I’ve been running a lot in recent B2C phone List months” can be an enemy of productivity because it doesn’t force you to push yourself to your potential. Are you getting it? The solution: Find your own balance between maintaining some urgency and not pushing yourself to the point of stress. Accept urgency as a good ally. Try techniques like the  to force yourself to finish tasks in a certain time and, of course, set deadlines for tasks and objectives. 5 Only take action when you are in crisis I have to admit that many of the marks on my knees are scars from the times I have fallen into this problem: remember the problem only when it has caused you a crisis .

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