The digital age in which we live has completely changed the consumption habits of buyers. Very few customers buy 100% physically or online . Buyers have been replaced by consumers who make their purchases both in physical establishments and in eCommerce, depending on the needs of each moment. At the moment when a brand launches its advertising strategy to meet and attract new customers, attraction marketing comes into play , whose objective is to attract potential consumers , offering them content of interest and appropriate to their needs. Thus, in an increasingly omnichannel world, it is essential to have a 360 perspective of all the possibilities that marketing tools offer us to reach our entire target audience.

The 10 most important trends in catalog design

1. 3D Illustrations. Technological software advances in top industry data graphic design have democratized this style enormously. This trend moves away from flat vector illustrations to add a greater level of detail, volume, movement, depth and dimension. Designs can range from the abstract to the realistic, blurring the boundaries between the physical and the digital. 2. Simplify logos . Many brands are redesigning their logos to make them simpler, reducing details and limiting color palettes to one or two shades. This style makes logos more recognizable at any size and in both physical and digital formats. 3 . Less is more. Minimalism stands out as one of the freshest design trends during this year 2022. The basic shapes, with soft and contrasting colors, make the main object stand out.

Back to the past the trends of the 90s are back

Maximalist graphic design. Opposed to B2C Phone List minimalism, maximalism embraces excess and fills space with objects, colors and patterns. It is a fairly risky proposition but chaos, when well designed, can be really interesting and contain a lot of power when it comes to transmitting messages 90s are back . Trends from the past never go out of style, but they are always renewed. We will see the resurgence of grunge aesthetics with punk influences of urban art. This style rebels against the clean, flat graphics of the digital age. 6. Surreal scenes. Escapist and dreamlike design, with surprising characters and unexpected scenarios that invite the viewer to use their imagination to get lost in them.

10 trends in catalog design

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