The lessons learned that have most boosted my professional life

The-lessons-learned Fear is a super important evolutionary mechanism that fulfills a protective function. If it weren’t for fear, we wouldn’t have evolved so much . Well, even if we continue to be cavemen for other things. Anyway. However, fear sometimes breaks down , it begins to warn us of things that are not going to happen or, worse still, it emits hypertrophied signals in the face of threats that are not so vital. In ancient times, fear had a direct connection with reality: “a lion comes to eat you, activate fear, you run, you save yourself.” However, today fears have a high subjective component: what scares you is terrifying, it doesn’t matter to me . Or vice versa. TRUE? Unfounded fears make us fear fear .

Internal relearning

Fear is responsible for many top industry data decisions we make . When we don’t explore or take advantage of an opportunity, when we take on more work than we know we can, when we work from dawn to dusk, when we dip our toe before jumping into the pool… fear is the cause of those decisions . Everyone has fears , and almost everyone unconsciously lets fear influence or make decisions for themselves. But the decisions that fear makes are to protect us (supposedly) and not to build , to grow. A long time ago, fears had great power over my life, but when I was taught to understand fear, my decisions stopped being at its expense and I went from making “flight” decisions to “get to” decisions.

top industry data

 Opening your mind

I don’t know how strong the fear B2C phone List will be inside you, or how much it will influence your decisions, but, truly, learning to understand and master it can change your life. It was like that with me . 2 Opening your mind to learning “breaks truths” Another key aspect was that day when I understood that what is an absolute truth for you is not absolute truth for others . What is real, true or unquestionable is nothing more than the fruit of what you have learned.

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