Always strive to use simple and clear language in your copy with words fully spelled out to ensure all of your customers interpret your message correctly. your Newsletter Has You can tackle the tight character limit by writing fragments instead of complete sentences without resorting to textese. For example, you can simply say “Offer valid till 12/31” instead of writing “This offer will remain valid till 12/31.

In the example above, the copy simply says, “ends Sunday midnight” instead of fleshing out the complete sentence, “The offer ends on Sunday at midnight.” The SMS gets its point across without using any textese while still remaining under the 160-character limit.

Personalize your message

Businesses need to go above and beyond to get the attention of their customers. One highly effective way to do that is through personalization. Don’t take Lebanon Phone Number Data our word for it — about of customers say that they engage with messages that are personalized.

However, there’s a lot more that goes into personalizing your SMS copy than simply using the names of your recipients. It entails segmenting customers based on certain qualities and parameters, such as buying behaviors, locations, and past purchases, and then crafting messages that they can relate to.

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Your SMS copy has to resonate with the segment you’re targeting. For example, you could send promotional messages that will draw the recipients to your e-commerce store if you’re targeting a segment of customers who only shop online.

It not only uses the recipient’s name but offers a special discount that’s only available for the residents of Shropshire, which is where the customer lives.

Incorporate emojis in your copy

Where words fail, emojis speak.

Emojis are highly effective at expressing emotions. And it turns out they’re just as effective when used in mobile marketing. The by Adobe found that 42% of people are likely to purchase products that are promoted using emojis.

Don’t shy away from sprinkling an B2C Phone List emoji or two in your SMS copy. your Newsletter Has In doing so, your brand will appear more human, trustworthy, and authentic.

Make Sure Your Newsletter Has All the Necessary Elements

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