The only way to realize this is to be competent in the subject on which ChatGPT was questioned making the very reason to use tools of this type as a source of knowledge disappear. Not only that the same ChatGPT programmers have explained how difficult it is to overcome. This limit since it is impossible to provide. The model with a source of truth. Once you realize it you can no longer ignore. It deep learning will not lead us to an artificial intelligence that thinks abstractly and is able to generalize knowledge about the world wrote Jason Pontin on Wired . And this is also true when analyzing borderline cases those which at  exceed the limits described so far.

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An artificial narrow intelligence ANI a limited artificial intelligence capable of performing one and only one task at a time. 8323 AML Blog Quote India Phone Number List Image Crop 22 Gato and his artificial intelligence In May 2022 DeepMind one of the worlds most advanced AI research labs owned by Google unveiled the Gato deep learning system capable of performing 604 different tasks . Is this the first step towards creating a general artificial intelligence capable like humans of performing a multitude of tasks and easily switching from one to another.

It is undeniable that Gato is able to perform various

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Tasks playing Atari video games recognizing images managing a robotic arm and more but some of the limitations of this model dampen easy B2C Phone List enthusiasm. As explained on the MIT Tech Review Gato performs much less. Than specialized algorithms but. This is also understandable and if you will almost human. Above all however we are still very far from general artificial intelligences. Which have the ability to adapt to tasks other. Than those for which he was trained in fact Gato can still only perform the tasks for which he has obtained specific training.

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