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It is inevitable as Pontin always explains deep learning is a statistical method in which computers learn to classify patterns using neural networks. These networks have a structure that resembles that of neurons in our brains and are call deep deep because. They possess multiple hidden layers that contain multiple nodes with a branching multitude of connections .  general artificial intelligences Thanks to. This IT architecture the artificial intelligence systems we use today are able to find correlations within a flood of data which would be invisible to. The human eye and to statistically calculate when they reoccur. For example to react to the opponents moves a deep learning system that plays chess simply searches its database for all the situations in which that exact same scenario has occurr.

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Perform in the games it was train with l to victory the most times. By exploiting this technique deep learning algorithms obtain often Indonesia Phone Number List very accurate and sometimes impressive results in very different and. Also very difficult fields translating from one language to another pricting what we would like to listen to on Spotify image recognition selecting. What we want to see appear on the Facebook or Instagram fe and more. All this should not be underestimat in any way deep learning has chang.

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The activities we carry out often without even realizing it. But one limit still remains insurmountable in these systems there is no understanding of B2C Phone List what they are doing . As we have seen an AI system can win at chess without having any understanding of. The game of chess and without even knowing the rules. This mechanism was particularly evident in. The conversations that took place between. LaMDA and its programmer Blake Lemoine during which he himself convinc himself bizarrely as the character is in fact bizarre too that this chatbot was sentient.

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