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Those mention are developments sometimes still in the embryonic stage of crucial importance for making qualitative progress in the field of deep learning and more generally of artificial intelligence . However. There is another aspect to take into consideration we human ings as well as animals learn to perform certain haviors after having had direct experience of the environments in which we live. We physically move in space we touch we see in short we relate to what surrounds us and to other people.  the world by perceiving it asking questions and associating the information obtain with what they see sounds and other sensory information thus building themselves a sophisticat model of the world that.

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Unfamiliar environments and to insert what they have learn and the experiences made into a wider context thus gaining intuition common El Salvador Phone Numr List sense and all the rest . This is a fundamental element of our learning process would we able to develop even partial knowlge if we were taught by an ucator while always remaining clos in a room without ing able to have any direct experience of what we are ask to learn Following this theory the only way to create a truly intelligent machine would to create a robot with five senses.

Language and the ability to relate what

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It sees to what it touches etc. It is difficult to say whether this path could successful also cause at the moment it is too distant a prospect . However B2C Phone List it is interesting to note that this was precisely one of the paths experiment by the aforemention. AI pioneer Marvin Minsky who as Simone Arcagni explains in. The eye of the machineEinaudi in 1966 he propos to his assistant Gerald Jay Sussman that he spend the summer trying to connect a video camera to a computer and then ask the machine to descri what it sees.

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