Obviously it was a naïve experiment

Minsky knows that the learning process that prefigures the construction of some form of intelligence starting from the storage of data and information up to their transformation and elaboration takes place fundamentally through sight. Intuition is that of equipping the computer with this faculty. by todays standards and it inevitably failed. At the same time he shows us how the idea of having to directly experience the world was already considered a crucial element for the creation of true artificial intelligence . Back to index When will artificial general intelligence become a reality It may still be decades before we are able to turn these theories into something concrete.

Worse we may never even succeed

According to a philosopher like John Searle among the most listened to on the subject machines will be able to reason at a human level only Estonia Phone Number List when we are able to provide them with a material configuration of complexity at least equivalent to that of our brain . In short when we will be able to create a complete simulation of the human brain. And this also in light of the recent failures of programs such as the.

Human Brain Project is still a very distant

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