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Users prefer to receive information from people they trust who they consider competent transparent and honest. Nine times out of ten these people are not sellers but in fact micro influencers. 6. B2B Social Media Marketing From dark social media to social selling B2B social media marketing is essential in B2B marketing strategies . Tik Toks video marketing strategy based on shortform videos has changed the way we process information. Tik Tok B2B marketing will only grow in 2023. Digitization has changed the ways humans interact and how humans process information. The fact that TikTok and  engines is a direct consequence of this change.

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TikTok and Instagram rather than Google especially Gen Z or digitalians . Facebook will continue to have its usefulness for B2B marketing Cambodia Phone Number List in the near future pushing strategies focused on video content . In 2023 brands must strengthen their presence on social media by focusing on User Generated Content UGC to be used to influence customers purchasing decisions. It is probable that those who search on social networks prefer UGC to the institutional website Social media marketing video strategies creating relevant useful howto and similar and maybe funny content.

Dark social media does not refer to platforms

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Located in obscure recesses of the web but to the submerged content of private. Domain which circulates in communities closed groups and forums B2C Phone List present on social media and the web . Among the contents of dark social media difficult to trace. There could be instant messages exchanged between two business decision makers discussing. Anew potential customer or the private research of the HR manager who needs information on a product. Or service and has to this set up a private server on Discord or Reddit.

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