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Engagement Italian ecommerce users show their commitment to marketing content in different ways. . declare that they search for information about a given brand on the web before placing an order. A little less, . , visit the website of a given brand in the last month. Clicking on a banner ad within the last days was declar by . of respondents, while . enter sponsor posts in social mia. The brand’s mobile applications are us by . of Italians. Advertising value. Total digital ad spend in Italy was $ . billion in . The largest amount was spent on banner ads on the Internet . billion. Spending on video and search ads was similar – . billion and . billion, respectively.

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Italian companies allocate the least budget to traditional advertising million dollars. Relat articles FreeAudit Why can a free audit cost you dearly? Automatic GA configuration agree or resign? Image search what is it and how do you do it? Image searchwhat is it and how to do it? Analytics . Step Implementation of Latest Mailing Database enhanc ecommerce Joanna Horoszko houses, You will read in ~ min. In the previous article, we explain how to perform the basic configuration of Google Analytics ( Step ). Now we will discuss step , which is the most timeconsuming, but also mandatory for online stores. We will show you how to implement enhanc ecommerce in GA .

Latest Mailing Database

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Is it necessary to implement enhanc ecommerce? The short answer is Yes. At the start, however, we emphasize that the big change between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics is that “officially” there will no longer be a direct distinction between basic and augment ecommerce. Speaking of it, we additional data, as in the case of the “old” extension. distinction source ssupport ?hl=pl It is up to us to configure the transmission from the data B2C Phone List layer to GA in detail. The more accurate, the better. More data sent to GA means a better look at what your store visitors are doing and behaving.

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