Choose and Customize an Email Newsletter Template

Industry guidelines may vary depending on what country (or state) that you’re sending to. However, there are some principles that we recommend following, regardless of where your audience is.Explicitly asking for permission before sending any text messages to your audience – we recommend doing this via sign-up or subscription form. Customize an Email You should preserve evidence that your customers have opted in to receive SMS marketing Making your sign-up CTAs clear so consumers know what you’ll text them and how many messages they can expect each month. Including your company name in every message you send to identify it as a marketing communication. Sending your texts during business hours — typically between 8 AM and 9 PM local time, although you’re likely to receive the best response between mid-morning and mid-afternoon

Including information

about how to opt-out in every SMS message Reply STOP or include a link to unsubscribe. The best SMS marketing campaigns offer consistent Laos Phone Number Data value to everyone on your contact list. Send time-sensitive info (like a flash sale announcement) or critical updates via text to improve consumers’ relationships with your brand.

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We also recommend adding an element of exclusivity by rewarding subscribers with special offers. SMS-only coupons and free shipping are great perks to entice sign-ups and keep consumers on your list. Show readers the benefits of being on your list by including a clear CTA in each message.

Watch your send frequency

The optimal frequency for most text campaigns is one message a week. Start there — and then try varying your message cadence once  B2C phone List you have a big enough contact list to gather meaningful data. If you know your target audience well, you might risk starting with a higher send frequency. Just don’t get too spammy. Upland data shows there’s a once a brand reaches the threshold of 10-15 messages a month.

The reason message cadence is so important goes back to what we mentioned earlier about text messages interrupting your customers. Everything you send must be worth an immediate read. If it’s not, you’re betraying the trust your consumers put in you when they shared their phone numbers.

Don’t forget to consider the best times to send a campaign, either. Generally, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time is a good guideline — Customize an Email  with audiences being most likely to engage between mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Sundays typically have the lowest amount of engagement, so unless you have a particularly good, timely reason to send on a Sunday, it’s likely best to wait.

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