Make Sure Your Copy Lives Up to the Survey Email Subject Lines

For one of their newsletters, running brand Tracksmith uses a tried-and-true email tactic: the letter. Tracksmith presents a large header that reads “Running is a Gift,” Copy Lives Up to and launches into a letter from its CEO who decided to “savor every step” as a runner in his forties.

When the letter is done right, it’s a beautiful way to capture the attention of your subscriber and keep them enthralled. Tracksmith’s use of the letter culminates in a link to a film they made about the power of running, but the beautiful copy and storytelling stand out on their own.

Asking if email

marketing or SMS marketing is more effective is like asking if lifting weights or cardio is better for fitness. It’s a Japan Phone Number Data valid question, but arguably the wrong question.

The question is not which is better but how you should use each and when to use them together. Similar to how weights and cardio serve different aspects of health and fitness, both email and SMS marketing can have a huge impact on marketing efforts but serve different purposes.

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The real power of

email and SMS marketing is when you apply each to the use cases they serve better than the other. When you try to cover all your bases with just one or the other, you inevitably miss out on opportunities to reach your audience in the most  B2C Phone List impactful way. By using both SMS and email marketing, you’re able to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns and your bottom line.

The impact of email marketing campaigns is long-standing. It is the number one preference of recipients of marketing messaging — accounting for. Copy Lives Up to And on average, the However, there are challenges to email marketing that require some strategy to overcome.

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