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Chapter together for a webinar on the economy of attention A shar value system and the sire to offer professionals ever more perform tools for business management and technological innovation. It is on this basis that Adv Mia Lab and PMI Northern Italy Chapter propose a webinar dicat to the attention economy. Urbania PU PMI Project Management Institute is the most important global organization for project management and in one of the most important PMI Northern Italy Chapter . The PMI Northern Italy Chapter is a nonprofit organization of around 120 volunteers in various roles who actively contribute to peer knowlge shar and help velop.

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whose mission is to promote the culture of project management in Italy . PMI Northern Italy Chapters commitment is to maintain a last sense Albania Phone Numr List of community with all our memrs through a wispread presence on the territory as well as strategic alliances with other tra associations and continuous collaboration with Italian and other continents Chapters . Join PMI Northern Italy Chapter means join a vibrant professional community and hav the opportunity to participate in all its initiatives network and share with colleagues as well as connect with other professional associations and acamia.

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Extremely cutt-ge content are three fundamental elements shar tween PMI Northern Italy Chapter and Adv Mia Lab. The B2C Phone List participation as a speaker of Daniel Casarin CEO of Adv Mia Lab in the webinar. Attention From Corporate Strategic Asset to Key Competitive Lever to held online Mon 27 March 2023 from 67pm. The choice of this extremely innovative and topical theme starts from the consiration. That attention is one of the most precious resources especially today when. The surplus of stimuli is so vast that it is practically inevitable to get distract.

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