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Wherever the human factor is decisive for individual or group performance attention and the consequent process of information play a role of fundamental importance. Defend ones attention comes a real necessity in order to able to pursue objectives from the simplest to the most important ones both of our own and of the organization in which we operate. the webinar aims to investigate the different aspects of the attention economy but with an approach to persuasive design and attention engineer appli not only to the individual individual but to the entire corporate body. I am truly honor to have en involv in a project of this calir by such a prestigious organization.

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Adv Mia Lab is increasly perceiv as an authoritative voice in its reference sector says Daniel Casein CEO of Adv Mia Lab .How to build Algeria Phone Numr List and measure brand awareness Serena Calabro Publish by Serena Calabr 21323 cover In an increasly competitive market you have to take care of brand awareness. If you dont want your brand to disappear among the competition you have to make it emerge to position it in the minds of customers.

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You ne to know the right strategies to apply . In order for you to understand what we are talk about when we mention brand awareness and B2C Phone List what you can do for your company right now we will cover the follow key points What is meant by brand awareness How to nurture and improve brand awareness How to know if your really conquer your target Do you want to come a point of reference for your customers We present to you all the activities to implement if you dont know how to build and measure brand awareness.

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