Set the Groundwork Before You Start Writing

These email footer examples and tips can help you get started with. Take that knowledge further with our advice on creating compelling copy and. You Start Writing Before You Start optimized headers, footers, and CTAs for email campaigns that are sure to perform.

to play with our range of flexible options for editing your footers – you can choose a layout; customize text color, font, and size; add a logo; add hyperlinks; customize the background color, and more.

When Amanda

Natividad started, the VP of marketing at  and classically trained chef focused mostly on the craft of creating a strong newsletter. Six months in, she had Greece Phone Number Data a repeatable format she was comfortable with, a steady cadence…and only 400 followers.

All her hard work deserved a bigger audience. Amanda turned to her considerable marketing experience and created a newsletter growth plan. She reached 1,000 subscribers a month and a half later.

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Today, she has 2,600 readers and gains around 500 more each month. Here’s the method that helped Amanda gain 600 new subscribers in six weeks — and can help you, too.

Plan a sustainable format

Consistency is essential to building a successful newsletter. Before you write your first email, decide and how often. The most important thing is finding a schedule you can stick to.

It might take some time to figure out  B2C phone List what works. If the format you chose is causing you stress, keep iterating until you find one. You Start Writing Before You Start you can stick to. Swap out a section you never have enough content for in favor of something more flexible or send less often than you initially intended.

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