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The big questions for marketers once this feature was announced were: How many people are going to opt into this new feature? and How drastically will this affect open rates Six months in, we’re finally starting to get clarity to those questions. Anyone Can Start a  It’s difficult to get a raw number, but we do know that over are currently using iOS 15, and among them, about.

As you can imagine, that already makes up a large percentage of people. While we don’t know the exact number, that 40-50% of all email opens now come from MPP.

Has MPP started affecting open rates

Definitely. If nearly half of all email opens are coming from MPP, we can be sure that not all of those people are actually opening Singapore Phone Number Data those emails. In our , you can see that open rates have risen steadily since MPP’s release.

As an email service provider, we know that people like you rely on Campaign Monitor not only to send great email, but to analyze your campaigns and understand what’s working. With that in mind, we’ve made some changes to our platform to help you navigate this new, privacy-centered world.

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Updated Clicked metrics

Given MPP impact on open rates, the  will become less reliable. Therefore, we’ve updated the “Clicked” metric on our summary pages to show  B2C Phone List the click rate rather than the CTOR. We no longer record the location of a subscriber when we suspect it has. This means that you’ll likely see more subscribers where the last known location is “unknown”, however, this will ensure that inaccurate location data does not impact features such as

The campaigns and journey emails gives you a breakdown of the different clients and devices that recipients are using to view your emails. Anyone Can Start a  We’ve added a new category. To the report to give you visibility of the portion of Apple Mail Privacy recipients opening your emails. This new category is available for emails sent after February 2022.


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