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Already by the end of 2022 30 of digital content will be A powered Some tools for creating marketing content write texts from scratch others analyze texts already written by humans and provide valuable suggestions for improving them. see relevant and optimized content automatically generated in minutes. You can specify preferences such as number of words tone of voice writing style etc. AI also supports search engine optimization SEO of social media posts articles and blog content personalized emails landing pages etc. It doesnt mean that copywriters will die out but they will be partially replaced by AI solutions.

We will see a greater specialization of these

Figures who will be freed from repetitive and less valuable tasks to be able to concentrate on more complex and creative tasks Uruguay Phone Number List Increasingly human chatbots Virtual assistants capable of having realtime conversations with users. A powered tools that help communicate with customers. When customer service teams are offline or when questions need to be answered that do not require particular customization. Chatbots are central to UX and have a considerable return for corporate marketing teams thanks to data collection and analysis activities they can predict the future behavior of customers and prospects.

It is central to B2B marketing where purchasing

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Decisions areĀ  They are also widely exploited in B2B predictive. Analytics and predictive B2C Phone List marketing strategies . Particularly in competitor analysis useful for understanding what works and what doesnt in your B2B digital marketing strategy. AI helps predict the buying behavior of a particular group of customers . This is true in B2C but above all in B2B where purchasing decisions are often more weighted. 3. More persuasive and targeted ads Use artificial intelligence applications in marketing initiatives to find the answer to the question what does a customer really want.

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