Use Sms for Important and Immediate Messages

Just like with your other email campaigns, you want to invoke some type of emotion in your subscribers when they see that Gmail notification. Use Sms for Important Emotion always trumps rationale. “Let us know what you think” will not produce an emotion unless the customer had an extreme experience with your company.

While extremely positive reviews are great, it can take a lot to counteract extremely bad reviews, so you want to aim for customers who had a pleasant experience but may need extra reinforcement or reward to write a review.

The easiest emotion to trigger in your survey subject lines is empathy. People tend to identify with other customers as the “us” and brands as “them.” That’s why word-of-mouth marketing is so important. Let subscribers know that they can help their fellow comrades make informed decisions about your company or organization by replying to the survey.

Make sure it’s personal

“Quick customer feedback survey” doesn’t necessarily pack the punch you’re looking for. Not only is this email subject line dry and boring, but it’s alsoc Spain Phone Number Data extremely robotic and impersonal. Your subscriber isn’t an inbox — they’re a human. So in your subject lines, speak to them like a person.

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According to research from  75% of customers are more likely to spend their hard-earned money with brands that recognize them by name and remember information about them. Plus, for understanding customer satisfaction (which = retention).

We might sound

like a broken record, but it’s extremely important to use personalized subject lines.

You can also take it a step further by sending personalized automated emails. If you’re requesting feedback about a recent purchase, make  B2C Phone List sure to incorporate the day, location, order number, and any other unique information you have to help the customer recall their experience.

Uber does a great job of personalizing their automated. Use Sms for Important feedback emails with a friendly tone and specific information about the purchase.

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