This current sale features a mockup of a dress bear that stands out and is a memorable sight. Why it works : Graphics and text that are fun and unexpect will get more attention. 7. Ancient Spice is a popular manufacturer of cologne and other men’s grooming products. This section combines Their website landing page has a minimal amount of copy and includes just enough information to get visitors interest in the products on offer. The authors clearly present offers of free shipping, discount packages, and online-only savings. Why it works : Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to landing page designs.

Scrolling through the main page

Viola Purple designs innovative sleep products, including mattresses, Email List pillows and b bases. Scrolling through the main page of the website brings you to a video and text describing the benefits of the Purple mattress technology. This section combines an intriguing video clip showing stone blocks landing on the mattress with copywriting explaining why consumers should trust the company. Why it works : Demonstrate expertise using social proof and clear product benefits.

Why it works

email list

Does the job of turning complex financial management into simple tasks. Right in the middle of the main page, visitors will see five tabs that  B2C phone List  are direct to specific tools that their target market may be interest in. Clicking on each one immiately takes you to a description and pricing information without neing to scroll further. Why it works : Provide customers with the information they want as quickly and easily as possible.

This section combines an intriguing video clip

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