Share Your Business Personality Like Moosejaw

As a rule, the easier it is to share information, the more likely people are to give it. Try pop-ups or a form embedded in your email. Share Your Business Your customers will be happy they can gain the perks of joining your text marketing list without interrupting what they’re currently doing.

You can also build your SMS list during in-person interactions. Offering consumers a chance to sign up while they’re browsing your store or at the checkout register gives them the opportunity to ask staff about your program. If you attend or host events, consider setting up a phone number collection program there.

Offer an exciting incentive

Your customers won’t sign up if they don’t have a good reason. Make people excited to join your SMS list by offering a reward for signing up. There are New Zealand Phone Number Data four main types of incentive programs businesses use.

Your most loyal customers will love a program that offers them ongoing perks. The benefits of your VIP program will depend on your brand and sales model, but it should offer perks your customers can’t get any other way. Access to presales, birthday rewards, and free shipping are great perk options.

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VIP club or insider program

One benefit of tying your SMS list to an ongoing program is that customers will have an incentive to stay subscribed to your texts. VIP and insider programs can also increase customer loyalty when members feel they’re truly getting something special  B2C Phone List from the experience. Share Your Business Downsides include a sizable cost and the substantial effort needed to maintain such a program.

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