Have you ever dreamed of starting your own company or, for example, of acquiring side income as an expert in addition to your regular job? Many of us have skills with which we could employ ourselves. Productizing one’s own expertise can, however, be a stumbling block, because of which table drawer ideas don’t take off.

Productizing one’s own expertise is the most important skill of a freelancer and small business owner. You get more customers when people know who you are and what you can do. In this article, we will tell you how you can productize your own expertise so that you can sell your services to customers.

  • Why is productization worthwhile?
  • How to prepare a value proposition?
  • What are proofs of service?
  • How do you prove your expertise?

What does productization mean?

Productizing your own expertise sounds difficult. The definition of the term productization is still a mystery to many business professionals. What does Philippines Phone Number List  productization mean? The goal of commoditization is fundamentally simple: to make it easier to buy and sell a service. So, productization is not the same as marketing communication, and it is not only the preparation of service packages. Productization is the development of services and includes the definition, design and standardization of services in an easier-to-understand and purchasable form in order to make operations more efficient and to maximize the value experienced by the customer.

The benefits of productization are reflected in the margin

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Productizing the service makes it easier for both the buyer and the seller. After you have productized B2C Phone List   your service, the basics such as pricing are in order. This way you have more time for productive work and service development. When you sell, you can be sure of the profitability of the deal, and you won’t make bad deals. When you don’t have to think about everything from the beginning and calculate prices for each customer, selling speeds up and requests for offers are no longer left hanging.

Productizing your expertise – these tips will get

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