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When the word sales comes to mind, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is unpleasant things such as pushing and telephone sales jobs with a commission salary. However, nowadays sales are thought of much more customer-oriented.

Sales is above all about identifying the customer’s needs, helping the customer and removing obstacles that stand in the way of a purchase decision.

Selling your expertise is not rocket science

Selling is not rocket science. But interaction and service. Selling your own expertise can seem South Korea Phone Number List  difficult .And even unpleasant, but it becomes much easier when you first think about. What you are selling. Sales skills are vital for the self-employed, but in fact sales skills are everyman skills in working life.

Sell ​​benefits, not features

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So don’t start making cold calls and pushing, but first think about .What your target group .Was and then do B2C Phone List   an  oeh analysis . The oeh analysis initially lists the features of your service and their advantages. And then aims to find the benefit for the customer.  So always sell benefits to the customer, not features.

Before the actual sales situation, it is also good to think in advance about what possible counter-arguments the customer might have for buying your service. Think in advance how you will respond to the customer’s arguments and convince him.  expensive price of your service. So explain what the value of your service is to the customer and what the benefits are.An obstacle to buying can also be that the customer doesn’t “know how to buy” the service or doesn’t know what he needs or doesn’t trust the seller. You know the familiar phrase “I’m just looking”. In fact, the customer may have the idea of ​​buying after looking into the matter in more detail.

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