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Technographic insights This last category of data is especially relevant for those who work in the B2B sector . It inclus all the information concerning the technological aspect of potential customers the hardware software and networking solutions they have available. Knowing this data makes it easier to create and implement marketing and sales strategies. That aim to mornize the technological infrastructure. 14323 AML Site template templates 35 Back to inx The datadriven approach to generate new leads and potential customers  common lead generation activities is the socalled cold calling potential customers are contacted usually by telephone without any other communication having taken place first.

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Convince someone to buy something without the interlocutor having been able to become familiar with a product or service often comes up Ghana Phone Number List against justified skepticism. Fortunately a datadriven sales strategy is based on a very different approach analytical based almost exclusively on data and as such rational and consequently much more effective in overcoming reluctance and mistrust. Many companies are able to generate new leads by offering interesting content in exchange for a free registration. Asking to enter personal data such as name and surname email address and possibly telephone number in a form giving in exchange inpth content such as reports blog posts white papers is an excellent method for acquiring new leads and potential customers.

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Contents are the more numerous will be the chances. That a potential customer cis to register especially if registration is free. termining B2C Phone List how much a lead is actually willing to convert is another goal of data analytics. Collecting user mographics and information about their online behaviors is a good way to know which promotional activities are more effective which communication channels receive the most traffic etc. Data analysis can also help you unrstand which leads are the most qualified i.e. the users most likely to turn into new customers.

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