It is no longer just a matter of keywords

SEO search engine optimization is a central aspect of contemporary digital marketing. Being in pole position in the Google SERP has its advantages . Googles algorithm is continuously updated and more and more  deindexing because they dont give enough importance to the SEO strategy . Google uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the match between user search and results.  and longtail keywords to be inserted here and there in the texts. It is the whole scenario that has changed. Thanks to the development of AI and machine learning Google is increasingly human think more and more like a human.

online pages face penalties or deindexing

One of the biggest SEO innovations is the socalled semantic SEO which extends the relevance of a term to an entire semantic area. Google Cayman Islands Phone Number List no longer looks for the exact match of terms but bypasses them by referring to the semantic field of the search query. This means that it classifies the results on the basis of afferent and semantically relevant terms and concepts with respect to the query . Keywords dont disappear from the horizon but The last Google update dates back to.

They certainly lose part of their centrality

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August and once again the ranking factors highlighted are originality usefulness semantic relevance . Implementing an effective semantic SEO B2C Phone List strategy helps to climb the Google SERP Blogging. La popolarit dellattivit di blogging cresciuta.  dei visitatori del sito web e degli iscritti alla newsletter. Utilizzando i dati relativi al numero di visite diventa possibile effettuare attivit di remarketing sui social media. In alternativa puoi sfruttare software di identificazione visitatori sul sito web per cercare di raggiungerli personalmente. Pubblicando solo uno o due contenuti al mese aumenterai il traffico sul sito web e la brand awareness Gated content. Ebook corsi video o altri strumenti digitali di supporto al cliente.

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