Nurture both new and existing relationships

Next, map out your competitive advantage . Why do your customers actually prefer to buy from you rather than your competitors? Are you able to offer something that others in your industry do not – are your products or services the highest quality or the most advanced, or are you the fastest and most reliable operator?

Raise your competitive advantage to the top of your marketing! Emphasize it in customer meetings, networking events, on your website, brochures and other marketing materials.

Then plan your service packages and their pricing , and do this with your customer base in mind. Pricing also defines your strategy.

If you price your service expensively, you have to focus on a smaller customer

base; the average price of your work is then high, but there are fewer customers. If, on the other hand, you Belarus Phone Number List  lower your prices at the expense of your competitors, you will most likely get more customers. However, their quality is then lower, as is your hourly wage.

Along with these, consider your resources in terms of marketing. Set a precise budget before Nurture both new and existing  choosing marketing channels; besides the money, think about how much of your own time you have available for marketing.

A beginner light entrepreneur is often in a situation where there is plenty of time,

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But too little money. Often, however, the  B2C Phone List  situation slowly begins to turn in the other direction; customer work takes all the time, but on the other hand, there is more money in the bank account.

Make a resource calculation according to the current situation and be prepared to modify it if necessary.

Also calculate an estimate Nurture both new and existing  for your own schedule. Think about how much of the time you spend on your own marketing needs to produce a result, so that the use of time is as useful as possible.

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