The first thing you ne to do is establish a base outsi of these platforms. So that means whether you’re blogging or you’re on another site rememr these are really premium publications so you want to keep working on it. Focus on what you can do to build your name and build a foundation so that when you get introduc you can guest post more easily. I love motivation so much I always say success bres success. You want to make sure you’ve really focus on creating good content so when you reach out to them you’re not a nobody you’re someone who already has content and you have an audience and you’re excit.

Make sure you’re actually creating valuable information

Another piece of advice I give you is to zigzag when everyone zigzags. Let’s face it itors of top publications like Huffington Post or  Senegal Phone Number List Search Engine Journal get a lot of emails and get a lot of people who want to guest post for them. So how do you stand out? Here’s my suggestion. or an event you know some of these itors will attending, shake hands face to face and let them associate faces with names. Then it’s much easier to send when you follow up with an email.

So sometimes you have to get a little creative

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Rememr to accumulate your content, build your reputation, have something of value and then try to get in-person introductions if you can. So B2C Phone List they’re more likely to say yes when you pitch them. There are two things when you sell to them. Numr one make sure what you’re selling is good. It’s not something they already have easy access to but something you really ne to put a lot of effort into. So most of the posts are words and you really have to go all out to provi a word gui for something of value to the rear.

The next time there’s a networking event

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