When we stand in the sun and look into a dark tunnel, we will see very little light inside.

shaded area

However, once we have entered a dark area, and given our eyes time to adjust – not only can we see our surroundings, but we can also see other objects in the sunlight.

Our eyes will be 20% more sensitive than when under the sun.

This is one of the reasons why structure is so important to fishing

Red bass behind a stump, grouper in a channel Whatsapp Mobile Number List or a snapper under a reef in the ocean, all take advantage of the shadows cast.

Even the white bream, which hides on the edge of the small ditches that channel the murky water into the cleaner, clearer estuary – also benefit from the shade.

“Glare” effect that helps the effectiveness of the lure
Although predatory fish have advantages in the shade, there is one side effect they have to deal with.

A predator that ambushes from its position in the shade will temporarily “dazzle” when it rushes into a bright area in the sun to devour its prey.

Try to imagine someone shining a light on our face. Surely we feel confused right?

So, how will this effect benefit us?

This glare effect can help us as anglers, because at this time the fish cannot distinguish the right lure and food in the last moments of its attack.

However, due to this glare effect (like walking out of a tunnel), the fish only dare to attack within a short radius of its hiding place.

His vision would not be clear enough to make a serious pursuit attempt

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So, if it feels unable to make a “deadly attack” from its B2C Phone List hiding place, the fish will just wait for another opportunity to come.

One important thing you need to remember is the hunting habits of predators.

Most predatory fish prefer easy work – just like humans.

This phenomenon can be explained from the relationship between the use of energy and the energy that will be obtained.

Hunting in Natural Habitats is Not Easy

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