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If you don’t discuss anything about time constraints, your subscribers might not respond. They’ll think about responding. They’ll have every intention to respond. But they won’t actually respond.

Expressing urgency can be as simple as using the word “now” in your subject lines. Amplify Your Marketing Amplify Your Marketing You can also let subscribers know that the coupon for taking the survey will expire at a certain time.

Use emojis

A revealed that fifty-six percent of brands using  had a higher unique email open rate. Emojis can be over-used in email marketing these days, but they Switzerland Phone Number Data add levity and friendliness to almost any send. In a world of bland corporate surveys with almost no pep, an emoji in your subject line can add a little spark.

Remember — not all emojis render properly based on the email client. Check to see if the majority of your list uses a supported email provider before going all-in on the emoji front.

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Start sending those survey emails

Survey email subject lines are tough because, by nature, surveys aren’t the most interesting pieces of content. Marketers really need to use their creativity to come up with something unique that will spark interest.We could write an entire blog post  B2C Phone List on survey email copy but you need to actually get subscribers to open the email first. Otherwise, you’ve just wasted your time creating something amazing that no one will ever read.

Focusing on your subscribers’ wants, needs. Amplify Your Marketing Amplify Your Marketing And state of mind can help you develop subject lines that hit home. Just don’t forget to A/B test a few different subject lines!

Need help creating rock-solid subject lines or embedding beautiful surveys directly into your emails? Campaign Monitor can help with

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