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Who would have thought that the social phenomenon of 2021 would be the responsibility of the taxman? Funny Instagram reels introduce the new social media face of the Tax Administration, the epic Tax Man, who struts around in a gray suit and wrestles with difficult tax issues, explaining to followers the ins and outs of taxation. The taxman shares current tax information in a fun way on his social media channels and also actively responds to messages, helping self-employed entrepreneurs with tax problems.

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Boss Lady Podcast – peer support for entrepreneurship

In the Boss Lady pod, you can find tips and a way to relate to both new entrepreneurs and old entrepreneurs who dream of entrepreneurship!

Pomelo community – tips for starting and developing your own business

There are some social spars on Instagram, and the Pomelo community is one of them. In its publications, the Pakistan Phone Number List  Pomelo community We always link to new  shares tips on networking, marketing and other things related to entrepreneurship. The tips are aimed at both entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship, so even a beginner can benefit from these lessons and peer support!

Ukko.fi – useful information and help for beginners and more experienced independent entrepreneurs

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You should also follow us on all channels, because we offer useful instructions, tips, and necessary B2C Phone List information about entrepreneurship We always link to new and light entrepreneurship!  for example here from Yrittäjyyskoulu, so that our followers can keep up with the latest trends in entrepreneurship, and we advise both on the beginnings of entrepreneurship and on the development of operations.

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