So there is no need to take pressure from networking

There are a lot of different, especially English-speaking, international groups and communities on LinkedIn – if you have a knack for the language, you can find good tips, interesting discussions and an international perspective on your own activities in these communities. Since LinkedIn is specifically a networking channel for professionals, the discussions here are often a bit more in-depth than on the Facebook side.

In LinkedIn groups, however, you should also keep in mind that the purpose of this social media channel is to sell and advertise one’s own expertise, and groups usually do not have as strict etiquette rules as Facebook communities – this means that some of the contents of the groups are pure advertisements.

Small Business & Independent Consultant Network

  • 65,000 members
  • International networking forum for small entrepreneurs

This international community of 65,000 members is focused on providing small entrepreneurs with a platform to find partners, service providers and network internationally. This is an interesting group both for following discussions and getting to know international small entrepreneurship. Even if it is not our own goal, at least not yet, to expand operations to international markets, it is interesting to follow the activities of small entrepreneurs in different corners of the world. Discussion of the latest trends across industry boundaries

This popular and active LinkedIn group already has almost 700,000 members and often makes it to the top of lists of the best LinkedIn groups. As an independent entrepreneur, you should join this community if you are interested in following the big trends and future visions of the business world in general.


This group has over a million members and the discussion is very active. In the group, you  Oman Phone Number List can follow the hottest trends in digital marketing worldwide. In this group, we discuss both big trends in marketing and share tips for practical activities, for example social media marketing and creating good digital content. The group sometimes also distributes invitations to various webinars and events, which even an independent entrepreneur can use to expand his skills.

How to start networking in the social media community?

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You should start networking in a way that feels comfortable to you: if you enjoy reading and So there is no need  participating in discussions on Facebook in your free time, the most suitable first B2C Phone List   step in social networking is a Facebook group – on the other hand, if LinkedIn is an environment you are more familiar with, you can start following the discussions there. Networking is always easiest in an environment that is natural to you.

After joining the groups for the first time, you can focus on following the discussion. When interesting topics come up, you should boldly participate in the discussions when you feel like it. Then, when the conversation already flows smoothly and feels natural, you can start making your own conversational openings about the topics that concern you.

Immediately after joining the entrepreneurial community, an independent entrepreneur does not necessarily have to highlight his own expertise, but can So there is no need  start by participating in discussions that interest him or by answering questions about his own area of ​​expertise with useful tips. By chatting casually, you give a good impression of yourself and with expert tips you bring out your professionalism. , but the network is often born as if by itself, just by participating in interesting conversations on your own.

On Some, in addition to networking, you can market and sell your skills, and this happens with very little effort and money, if you know how. Get to know the basics of social media marketing here .

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