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Identifying and segmenting your audience is a complex process. Many companies would like to be able to do without it and delegate the effort to others. Finding the influencer with the right audience could at least partially solve this problem Makes the target more readable . Social media engages in an interactive way. Likes shares and comments are just some of the ways users interact with brands on social media channels There are many types of influencers. does not automatically mean effectiveness . 45.8 of marketers surveyed by Insider Intelligence believe micro influencers are the most effective while only 9.3 believe mega influencers are most effective.

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Which influencers are getting the best results for your business. Micro influencers are successful because they are authentic . This is why influencer marketing is among the major digital and inbound marketing trends for 2023. Brands Australia Phone Number List know it micro influencers can count on communities of sincere loyal loyal fans . An AdWeek research reveals that 82 of users make purchasing decisions based on the opinion of micro influencers. Microinfluencers certainly dont have the organic reach of macro and mega influencers but they can offer greater engagement in the face of reduced engagements and a greater ROI return on investment.

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The examples of the big market players. Think of the partnership between Coca Cola and Belgian travel food influencer Miette Dierckx . The American giant B2C Phone List wanted to increase engagement and sales in Belgium. Miette and other Belgian microinfluencers have allowed Coca Cola to strategically personalize the message . The campaign was successful because it was perceived as authentic and perfectly in line with Miettes posts and the Belgian context. Do you want a 2023 of convenience and exceptional ROI Rely on a micro influencer for your 2023 inbound marketing strategy. Influencer marketing.

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