Marketing your own expertise in Freelancer services

Selling your own services is a challenge in itself, but findability is also important. So be present. Own websites are a lifeline these days. It is not enough that you have Facebook pages or another social media channel in use. Of course, they are a good addition to marketing your own expertise, but websites bring a certain credibility and are the basis for finding your services.

Be discoverable – make websites

Make a website where you introduce yourself and the services you offer. There are countless services online where you Switzerland Phone Number List  can make your own home pages. Good foreign alternatives are, for example,  WordPress  and  Blogger . Both are blog platforms that also work great as personal homepages. For domestic options, you should check out  Kotisivukone . The use of the homepage machine costs four euros at the cheapest price and includes customer service in Finnish. See also our article:  Complete homepages for free.

Think about the structure of your site in advance

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The structure of the homepage B2C Phone List   should be carefully planned. For example, it is good for a Photographer to present his own photos as impressively as possible. On  Marketing your own expertise the website of the business consultant, you should find exact service descriptions on their own presentation pages.

Also remember to add a contact form or at least a direct phone number to the pages. The purpose of your website is to bring in new customers, so contact information should be displayed as prominently as possible.


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