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Your messaging is only as strong as its weakest element, and design is one of these elements. Colors can influence mood, and fonts can indicate trustworthiness as effectively as any words. Roundup of Your Most The combination of your choices can make your email look professional and engaging or sloppy and worth nothing more than an unsubscribe.

Design deserves just as much time and focus as content. Those of us who aren’t trained in it may have to work a bit harder to get the desired effect. The lessons of those who have come before us (and the newsletter design tips in this post) can guide you toward a design that’s as powerful as your content.

She wrote what she wanted to read

If the title of her newsletter,is any indication, Ann Handley thinks differently about newsletter strategy than most.

A best-selling author, speaker, chief Israel WhatsApp Number Data content officer, and one of Forbes’ Handley’s fresh approach to content has built her career as well as her impressive newsletter list.

Handley’s newsletter is known for its story-based insights, joyful tone, and actionable advice. It dances to the beat of its own drum while providing real value to its readers. Marketers and non-marketers alike rave about it. So how does this magic happen? We sat down with Handley to find out just that.

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 She defined her niche and stuck to it

Handley says she started her newsletter as a response to wishing she had something like it herself: a marketing newsletter about writing that  B2C Phone List she actually wanted to read and wasn’t dry or boring. “The biggest trigger to growth is happiness, joy all around,” says Handley. “No good writing is created at gunpoint.”

How does Handley measure this? She tries to make herself laugh every time she writes an issue of her newsletter. Now that is a KPI we can get on board with. “If I hated writing [something],” says Handley, “you’d feel that.

Defining your niche not only helps you narrow down what to write about but also helps your audience know what to expect, Handley says. Roundup of Your Most I make sure new subscribers know exactly what they’ll get. Pro-tip for marketing Setting expectations neuters rage.

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