Valentine’s Email Subject Lines Your Subscribers Will Love

Since many of our subscribers view newsletters in Gmail and on iPhones, we optimize our subject line length for those devices. Valentine’s Email Subject Li An ideal length is between 41 characters (portrait view on an iPhone) and 70 characters for Gmail.

Show the love in your Valentine’s email

It might seem obvious, but you should mention the holiday in your , or use words that are associated with it. You’ll notice most of the Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data subject lines above use the phrase Valentines Day or words that coincide with the holiday, like lovesweet, or romance.

Or, for those last-minute planners, phrases like last daynot too latelast-minute valentine’s gifts, or there’s still time will compel readers to open.

Add an incentive to your Valentine subject line

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If you can work an incentive into the subject line, do so. For example, if you’re running an offer for free shipping or a Valentine’s Day sale, be sure to let readers know about it in the subject line. Alluding to your offer ahead of time will increase the likelihood that your subscribers open your email.

Use an emoji to increase the

Do you want to set your email apart from others? Consider . Brands using emojis in their subject lines saw a.

The  is one of the most popular emojis, and it . Valentine’s Email Subject Li What better occasion to break it out than Valentine’s Day? Several of  B2C Phone List the subject lines listed above contain a variation of the heart emoji, which means this symbol can be used for a number of email types.

If you’re planning to use emojis, be sure it makes sense for your brand. It should fit with your brand’s overall tone. As always, it’s a great idea to a/b test subject lines to see if emojis resonate with your audience.

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