Pricing of expert work – How much does an expert’s work

Most customers always ask the same question before making a purchase decision: How much does it cost to buy this work? This is, of course, quite natural if we are talking about purchases larger than pocket money. But how many small entrepreneurs have a clear answer ready for this?

The age-old problem of self-employed people and freelancers is thinking about the answer to this question; how should that own work input be priced?

Who decides the price?

In addition to having pricing tricks, it is good for someone who decides on the pricing of their own work to understand the industry’s pricing policy and, of course, to have negotiation skills to justify the price to the customer.

Light entrepreneurs have negotiating power for the pricing of their own work, reveals a survey carried out by Thailand Phone Number List to its light entrepreneurs at the end of last year  *. 46 percent of those who responded to the survey said that they could raise the prices of their services, and 45 percent said that they might be able to raise their prices. In total, about 90 percent of the respondents can afford to raise the price of their work!

The results of the light entrepreneur survey differ somewhat from previous similar

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Surveys in which entrepreneurs or self-employed .People have been asked about the possibility of influencing. The price or pricing of their own work.

In the statistics  finland’s entrepreneurs B2C Phone List   in finland 2017 survey. Looking at the entire entrepreneurial community. 17 percent stated that the biggest difficulty in entrepreneurial. Work was not being able to sufficiently influence the pricing of their product or service. In the same study, three out of four (75%) self-employed felt that they could price their .Work themselves as a rule.

“We wanted to find out how much bargaining power small entrepreneurs have when it comes to pricing their work. The starting point of light entrepreneurship is freedom.

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