Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO (or search engine optimization) because it helps content to be more searchable and visible to people.

This is the process of obtaining specific keyword data that helps you answer the following questions:

  • What are my potential customers looking for?
  • How many people are searching for this particular term?
  • In what form would people like to see this information?

Three Types of Keywords

Keywords are divided into three categories depending on their length and difficulty to rank for. 

These are the easiest keywords to implement. Headwords usually come in the form of a single word (e.g. shoes, keys, phone, shirt, etc.). These keywords usually have a broad meaning. With that said, the main keyword is not the best choice for eCommerce business marketing. 

These keywords come in the form of two to three phrases. Body keyword search volume is decent (with around 2,000+ searches per month). These keywords are much more specific than the head keywords. In addition, they also have lower competition. Some examples of body keywords are free shipping, notebook promotions, and school shoes. Because body keywords describe a more specific idea, it is a much better choice for keyword research. 

It deals with keywords or Latest Mailing Database phrases that are really specific and consist of four or more words. Long tail keywords only have lower search volume compared to head and body keywords. 

But using these types of keywords gives you a much better chance of ranking in search if you combine certain keywords together. One example of a long tail keyword is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook. 

Is Keyword Research Important For Lazada Sellers And Sellers?

Latest Mailing Database

The simple answer is yes. 

SEO used to be a very easy process. As long as you use keywords in your content (or in this case, product listings), people searching for keywords that are relevant to your products will find your product listings in search results. However, this also results in lower quality pages. With that, Google continued to improve its SEO algorithm and now, it has become even more challenging for website owners and eCommerce sellers alike to rank for keywords. 

A key factor to consider about the B2C Phone List importance of keyword research for Shopee and Lazada sellers is visibility. Online shopping has now become one of the most popular online activities. In fact, Statistica has even made a projection that eCommerce sales will increase from 1.3 trillion in 2014 to 4.5 trillion in 2021. 

Due to the rapidly growing statistics of the eCommerce industry, it is not surprising why many people are starting to get involved in this line of business. 

How To Find The Best Search Terms For Lazada And Shopee

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